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February 10th, 2006

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03:00 pm - Meet new people Memphis alert!
I think I have a great opportunity for some gals out there who are also looking to meet new people to gather in one place where we can all be awkward, but the COOLEST kind of awkward:)

I'm hosting a spa escape at my house next Thursday, the 16th and at least once monthly from here out. Basically it's a chance to enjoy some "me" time, kick back and be pampered. I went to my first one two weeks ago and had a great time; I don't think I really realized how stressed I was and felt 100 times better afterwards.

If you're a Mom (I have two boys but this is a KIDLESS escape!), if you're harried, if you work too hard, if you want to meet new people, or maybe you just want to eat free food, please come!

Guys, why don't you give your girlfriends and wives an after-Valentine's day treat and give them the night off!

I'm screening comments, so please leave me an email address or a number where I can call you. I am almost completely deaf but can speak, so I would be contacting you via Tennessee relay, which comes up as a 1800 number from wherever the call is routed through.

Thanks for bearing with me!

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